Next.js React-hook-form Tutorial

Next.js React-hook-form is a very popular library to create forms in React & Next.js. Let's take a look at how we an leverage & implement react-hook-form.

Next.js React-Hook-Form

  • React-hook-from is an interesting library since it helps us to manage complex forms. The official React-Hook-Form page they state it's performant; flexible & extensible forms with easy-to-use validation & I agree with that which is why I choose to use it. In this steps I am going to also use Zod as validation. We will install these 3 packages: react-hook-form hookform/resolvers zod.

Summaryof setting up react-hook-form in Next.js includes the following:

Details of setting up next-auth in Next.js includes the following:

So as we see we are able to use react hook forms to build some really great forms while adding validation with zod.