Next.js Shadcn-ui

Next.js Shadcn-ui is a component library which is open-source & customizable which works well with Next.js.

Next.js Shadcn-ui

  • Shadcn-ui is an interesting component library since it's open source & slightly different from conventional ones such as Mui. In the Official Shadcn-ui page they state it's NOT a component library & it's just a collection of re-usable components that we can copy & paste into our project. This is my current choice for a component library I especially like it for the data-table but just like any component library it helps us build ui quicker & consistent. To me it's kinda slick & minimal in the design. The installation is easy & we can add only what we need; also I like the docs. Obviously with any package we want a large community of people using it & Shadcn is widely adopted.

Summaryof setting up Shadcn-ui in Next.js includes the following:

Details of setting up next-auth in Next.js includes the following:

Then next we can utilize other shadcn-ui components to our projects.