Next.js Shadcn-ui Data-Table

Next.js Shadcn-ui Data-Table is a great component where we can display tabular data.

Next.js Shadcn-ui Data-Table

  • Tables displaying tabular data is critical for just about any app. In Next.js one way we can accomplish this is utlizing Shadcn-ui Data-Table which leverages the popular tanstack table. It takes a little customization as we have to define our columns and choose which features we want to add such as pagination but this component sure can save us some time while adding consistancy to our tables. Take a look at the official Shadcn-ui data-table doc page. It also is dependent upon the tanstack/react-table package. The folder structure we need the 3 .tsx files including columns; data-table & the page itself.

Summaryof setting up Shadcn-ui in Next.js includes the following:

Details of setting up next-auth in Next.js includes the following:

As we see we can leverage the Shadcn-ui data-table component to display tabular data & it's quite flexible while saving us time.