ORM - Prisma Getting Started

ORM - Prisma Getting Started.

Getting started; To get Prisma into a project we need to take a few steps such as installing it & adding the package. Connecting it to our database & set it up for migrations.

  • 1. Add it to project:
    1npm install prisma --save-dev
    We could also install it globally:
    1npm i -g prisma
  • 2. Check it's installed by listing the version
    1prisma -v
  • 3. Initialize it & this will create our directory prisma & schema.prisma file
    1prisma init
  • 4. Pull the database; this is a good resource to baseline our database.
    1prisma db pull
  • 5. First create a migrations directory:
    1mkdir -p prisma/migrations/0_init
  • 6. This command reads your Prisma schema and generates your Prisma Client library:
    1npx prisma migrate diff --from-empty --to-schema-datamodel prisma/schema.prisma --script > prisma/migrations/0_init/migration.sql

So now basically Prisma is installed; initialized in the project & ready to make updates.